About Axe ‘n Nyan

Axe ‘n Nyan Game reviews is a game review blog where we publish articles that assist gamers in their next purchase, or what game to play next. We put a fair amount of our spare time into gaming, and want to share that gaming experience by writing detailed reviews of the games we’ve played.

Here at Axe ‘n Nyan we believe that deciding whether a game is good or bad is not our job, but your job. You buy the game, so you need to know what it’s about. Because of this idea we write reviews that take a game apart into the good, the bad and the pricey with care and detail. Many sites choose to implement a rating or score for fast judgement of a game, but we deliberately decided not to because of our way of thinking.

We also are strongly against false information in reviews. Secret monetary agreements from developers in order to make their product look a bit better is a total no-no here. Our method of writing game reviews together with the lack of a numeric representation protects you, the reader, from these manipulations as well, as everything is laid bare in our reviews.

Last but not least, we love interaction with our readers! Feel free to leave a comment, ask a question or share your own opinion on one of our reviews. Like what we do? Then please share/like/retweet our work!

A short intro of the reviewers…

His Axelency

I’m one of the two people who came up with the idea of this site. After reading biased reviews for years I got sick of the low quality reviews us gamers have to cope with, together with Herr Nyani I came up with this site as an alternative. As any reviewer should, I enjoy games, and lots of them. I tend to play a lot of ARPG’s, MMOs, RPG’s and occasionally a MOBA or RTS. Other than games I enjoy fitness, reading and the occasional film or series. In most games you’ll find me using the names Sicarii or Sicariidae.

Herr Nyani (a.k.a. fzeromaster)

The second member of the team. As a gamer and otaku, I love playing indie/doujin games, although I’ve enjoyed quite some high budget titles as well. I’m a sucker for bullet hell games, but I play other game genres as well. If I’m not looking for action I usually chill out by reading visual novels or do some tasks with a game soundtrack in the background.

Aside from a gamer, I’m also a software developer and I’d like to learn what its like to make your own game.

Release schedule

Here at Axe ‘n Nyan we write and publish whenever we got time to do so and do not use a schedule. We decided to do this this so we can deliver detailed and correct reviews while giving us breathing space when things get tough in real life.


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